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Ancient Magic and Modern Fantasy Meet

in the Second Realm Trilogy by Melissa Vazquez

Shadow Assassins

The first book in the Second Realm Trilogy

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The second book in the Second Realm Trilogy

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The Second Realm Short Story Collection: 2014

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Welcome to the Second Realm

Welcome to a land where ancient magic and modern fantasy meet. Welcome to the SECOND REALM, created by indie author Melissa Vazquez. THE SECOND REALM TRILOGY is the first series released by Melissa Vazquez. Follow the Shadow Assassins as they leave behind their modern-day city of Moonlight Hills and enter a hidden magical world, the Second Realm. Join them on their journey through lands unknown, where magic is as real as the air they breathe.

The Second Realm Trilogy

The Second Realm Trilogy is the debut trilogy by author Melissa Vazquez. The first book, Shadow Assassins, and the second book, Warpath, are available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats. The Second Realm trilogy deals with a group of adults known as the Shadow Assassins, who live in the First Realm, or normal Earth as they know it. They follow the call to help in a hidden magical realm, the Second Realm, and learn quickly that magic is very real and incredibly dangerous.

Shadow Assassins

Shadow Assassins is the first book in The Second Realm Trilogy.The eponymous Shadow Assassins are asked to visit the Second Realm to investigate what could be a land on the brink of war. Instead of investigating as they anticipated, they are instead attacked and separated in the mysterious land of magic known as the Second Realm…


Warpath continues the journey of the Shadow Assassins and their companions after the first book ended. With Moonriver Academy for the Supernaturally Gifted in ruins, three armies make their way to the Emeralde Kingdom, with the Shadow Assassins in tow; but their journey stretches further than a siege. Their journey takes them far from Moonriver Academy, to the Isle Dark...

Liliana (forthcoming)

Liliana is currently in the editing stage to be prepped for release. This is the third and final book in the Second Realm trilogy, where the Shadow Assassins confront the mysterious force that has dogged them since they first entered the Second Realm...


Latest News

Hiatus Over

Here we are again, friends. There was a long period of time where I couldn’t stand looking at my manuscript for Liliana. After all of the planning, all of the time spent writing (and re-writing parts), and the first few rounds of editing and formatting, I had to take a […]

Being a Flexible Writer

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m beyond stubborn. I like things to go a certain way. I have routines. When I had a clear vision for the Second Realm as a place for my characters to explore and play, I created solid rules that the universe could not […]

Lessons from NaNoWriMo

Oh snap, look who’s still active. Well, that’s half a lie. Throughout everything that happened in 2016, my writing suffered the most. I talked about moving back home for family, being unable to write, finding my writing through Hamilton: An American Musical. There’s a lot more I haven’t mentioned. There […]

Rebirth (Writing Challenge)

As I mentioned, writing became incredibly difficult for me. I openly avoided it, until I saw this little gem from Tumblr, reposted on a friend’s Facebook: I love seeing ideas like this because at some point, I make a plan to write them out. It wasn’t until my man took […]

Awakening: Emerging from the darkness

There has been an awakening. Mine. It feels as though I was underwater for a long time. Since the spring, so much has happened. I’m still taking care of myself through issues I’ve had with anxiety and depression. I bottle-raised a kitten I named Kirrah, after the Kirrah in the […]

Time to Rebuild

Okay, I admit it. 2015 was a pretty dead year for me. I’ve already explained that personal issues took priority, but somehow that doesn’t seem to make up for the silence around here. First thing to change here is the theme, as the other one was wearing its welcome out […]

Time Doesn’t Stop

Hello, it’s almost 2016 and I have another late update, haha. I promise I’m still active, although it’s been in weird cycles. Mostly, real life has had a priority. When I mentioned that I moved back to Texas, I only said it was for family. Since then, a lot has happened and […]

The Importance of Caring for Writers (Even You)

Well it certainly seems like I’ve gone inactive, but I promise I haven’t. The month of June was honestly pretty terrible for my writing, editing and plotting. I don’t honestly know how to explain it, other than an overload of television (binge watching Supernatural, acquiring Netflix), bad diet, sleeping habits, […]

The first draft of Liliana is finished (and other updates)

Let me take a moment and just flop down and catch my breath for a moment. There’s a lot of updates to slew through. On January 26, 2014, the first draft for Liliana started. Today, I can say that the first draft is finished. When I started, I had some […]

Warpath Cover Fix

Ordering Warpath as a paperback is disabled for now, unfortunately, while Createspace re-evaluates my files. There’s been a long-time problem with the cover, and this is the problem with using a premade cover maker like the service Createspace offers. The font colors are linked on the front cover and back cover, […]