The Second Realm

What is the Second Realm?

The Second Realm is the fictional universe created by indie author Melissa Vazquez, for her Second Realm trilogy. It is a hidden world of ancient magic, born out of a need to hide whenever the supernaturally gifted (those with magical powers) were prosecuted and executed for being associated with witchcraft. This world was where the magical population escaped to. There are two main continents, Aurialis and the Isle Dark; although it is rumored that there are lands beyond these. There is also an island chain and an island used as a dragon preserve.

The Second Realm is thought to be a parallel dimension to the First Realm, or normal earth. It is possible to cross from one realm to the next, although only those with magic in their blood can cross into the Second Realm.

Who are the Shadow Assassins?

The Shadow Assassins are a team of four supernaturally gifted adults, headed by their mentor and financier, Dr. Fyrn. In their every day life, they clean up the local vampire population in their native city of Moonlight Hills, sending away troublesome or rebellious vampires who pose a threat to the native human population. They never dreamed that any land like the Second Realm ever existed.

What is the Second Realm Trilogy?

The Second Realm trilogy is a trio of books written by author Melissa Vazquez that follow the Shadow Assassins. In the first book, Shadow Assassins, the eponymous Shadow Assassins are asked to visit the Second Realm to investigate what could be a land on the brink of war. Instead of investigating as they anticipated, they are instead attacked and separated in the mysterious land of magic known as the Second Realm. For more information on the books, please see The Second Realm Trilogy.

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