About the Author

melissa Melissa Vazquez is a Texan novelist who enjoys the sun, but not the heat of Texas summers. She has been writing since she was eleven years old. As she has branched out online, she has published several informal pieces of writing, through various self publishing venues. She enjoys internet pop culture, the man she calls her “better half,” (whom she also borrowed the character Atrimalous from), gardening, gaming, and dealing with her drama queen of a cat.

Shadow Assassins, the first novel in the Second Realm trilogy, is her first major work to be self published, with Warpath following after.

In terms of her writing, Melissa branches out of modern fantasy and into other genres. She has written sci-fi, romance, and teen fiction, none of which are published. There are some projects lined up alongside the Second Realm trilogy, however as the trilogy has her focus and is her main priority, they have been put on the back burner. Past self-published projects include romance and general romantic self-help for teens, although they were published informally and through only one or two websites.

In working with the Second Realm trilogy, she states that her biggest musical influences include Two Steps from Hell, audiomachine, and other artists of similar epic sound. Her biggest literary influences include J.K. Rowling, K.A. Applegate, George R.R. Martin, J.R. Ward, Stephen King, and Lin-Manuel Miranda, among many others.