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Jayda Myers (18+) – home of indie author Jayda Myers and her sizzling erotic work. – home of artist Amy Bolduc and her upcoming Naevorlis webcomic series – up and coming book store and an easy way to find self published author Christi Hubbard.

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  1. Becoming an affiliate
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  3. Applying for affiliation
  4. Ending affiliation

Becoming an affiliate

If you would like to affiliate with, please make sure your website is within the focus set by

  1. Your website is either about an author (indie author or not, any kind is welcome), a book series or individual book
  2. Your website sells books either online only or through a brick-and-mortar store (book sales must be the primary focus. It doesn’t count if you’re a store that just happens to have books in it)
  3. Your website promotes authors or services for authors (bonus points if Melissa Vazquez has used your service before)
  4. Your website provides education or insight on writing
  5. Your website is any other type of website that has to do with writing, reading, authorship or the writing industry

Why only such a slim allowance of affiliate types? We want to keep our list of affiliates strong and focused. Keep in mind that in the future, only three affiliates will be directly linked on the website menu – the rest will be displayed on this page.

Additional guidelines:

  1. It is a good idea to provide some sort of promotional graphic to use on the Affiliates page, through the application below or another contact method. It can be the standard 88×31 button or another standard ad size (Google has a good list of ad sizes for their Ad Sense guidelines here, for reference), but images are sorted by size so please keep in mind that the larger the image, the further down the list your website will be. Any image larger than a standard ad banner will not be approved. Any affiliate that does not provide a promotional graphic will be linked to in text only.
  2. Any 18+ or pornographic/adult sites are only allowed if it is primarily a writing site (for instance, an author page). Pornographic video or image sites are prohibited. Any 18+ writing or author site that has heavy adult images must carry an 18+ warning on their page in order to be included.
  3. Your website must not contain any illegal or harmful files, including warez of any kind, malicious downloads or fake programs. Your website cannot also have content that teaches or focuses around warez, hacking of any sort, malicious downloads, viruses, trojans or malware (even for virus removal help)
  4. Your website cannot be a service that sells essays, homework, tests or other methods of cheating in any school or college work that may have to do with writing.
  5. Your website cannot be a “like” or “list” site similar to or Additionally, your website cannot heavily borrow content from other websites, even to report on similar news or events.
  6. Any website found plagiarizing or stealing content from another source without proper credit will be dropped from affiliation immediately, no questions asked. Content can be in text form, image form, web design/theme or anything that rips another person’s work without credit.

Affiliates may be mentioned casually from time to time or may have the focus of a whole blog post for the means of promotion. This is why affiliates must adhere to the above focus and restrictions. Becoming affiliated with does not mean that a website is guaranteed a blog post or other means of promotion.

Linking back to

If you would like to link back to, there is an easy affiliate button here:

The Second Realm

Or alternatively, more promotional material found on our Media page. For any images, please right click and hit Save As, in order to save the image, then upload to the image host of your choice. Please do not hotlink the images directly from the site.

Applying for affiliation

If you would like to apply for affiliation, please use the handy contact form found below. We will get back to you as soon as possible – please do not resubmit your application within the first 72 hours of applying.

Ending affiliation

If for any reason you would like to end your affiliation with, please use the Contact page to specify who you are, what your site is and why you would like to end affiliation.