Liliana Excerpt

The sun beat down on Kaydee as she opened her eyes. Hard, sandy ground was beneath her, baked by the sun and trodden by many panicked feet. As she lifted her head, she saw a rusty stain on the ground near her. Her head was foggy and she couldn’t remember […]

Warpath Excerpt

Warpath: Second Excerpt

Have you seen the first Warpath excerpt? Here comes another Warpath excerpt. A while back I released a small snippet of Warpath on Twitter. Yes, that is my semi-legible handwriting in purple ink… #amwriting Warpath. #ShadowAssassins until the end. And yeah that’s purple ink lol. #handwriting #SecondRealmTrilogy pic.twitter.com/5oFJVOyAi0 — Melissa […]

Warpath Excerpt

Warpath Excerpt Found at the end of Shadow Assassins by Melissa Vazquez Erik had mentioned to Kaleb and Marco that he wished he could see into his father’s mind and see what drove him into the madness he was lost in. That made Marco step up, even if it was hesitantly. […]

Shadow Assassins Excerpt: Chapter One

Shadow Assassins Excerpt Chapter One The First Realm, normal Earth, The city of Moonlight Hills Dirk Calden felt at home in Moonlight Hills. Deep within this city were creatures of the night that lived side-by-side with humans. Few humans even realized that the creatures that occupied the city were more […]