On Writing

Being a Flexible Writer

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m beyond stubborn. I like things to go a certain way. I have routines. When I had a clear vision for the Second Realm as a place for my characters to explore and play, I created solid rules that the universe could not […]

Lessons from NaNoWriMo

Oh snap, look who’s still active. Well, that’s half a lie. Throughout everything that happened in 2016, my writing suffered the most. I talked about moving back home for family, being unable to write, finding my writing through Hamilton: An American Musical. There’s a lot more I haven’t mentioned. There […]

Time to Rebuild

Okay, I admit it. 2015 was a pretty dead year for me. I’ve already explained that personal issues took priority, but somehow that doesn’t seem to make up for the silence around here. First thing to change here is the theme, as the other one was wearing its welcome out […]

The Importance of Caring for Writers (Even You)

Well it certainly seems like I’ve gone inactive, but I promise I haven’t. The month of June was honestly pretty terrible for my writing, editing and plotting. I don’t honestly know how to explain it, other than an overload of television (binge watching Supernatural, acquiring Netflix), bad diet, sleeping habits, […]

TBT: Project Hunter (Shadow Assassins circa 2005)

Well helloo there. Another Throwback Thursday is here (I don’t do them as often as I had planned). To celebrate the progress I’ve made in drafting Liliana, I decided to go way back in my writing to show the contrast. Yes, that means that what will be presented will be […]

Villains, Writing and Emotional Drain

I’ll admit it: I am a rabid fan of the HBO show Game of Thrones, and a new, learning fan of the book series the show is based off of. That said, I feel it’s appropriate to open this with a quote from the man who has become a huge […]

Happy New Year! 2014 in Review – and hello 2015!

Happy New Year! The last week or so has been a blur, and I didn’t get everything I wanted done, but 2015 is here and I am excited. I thought I’d start off with a review of my #WriteOrDie progress, where for the first time, I made a serious commitment […]

On JK Rowling, Hogwarts and Moonriver Academy

I originally wanted to do this post around the time that JK Rowling released this┬ácryptic tweet related to her upcoming work that my man was trying to solve (spoiler alert: It’s been solved). Unfortunately this got saved into my drafts and was basically never seen again until I thought of […]

Atrimalous, a short story by Melissa Vazquez

Atrimalous (an anniversary gift)

I haven’t been active as much because my man underwent some medical treatment. On October 20, he went in for a brain biopsy to diagnose an unknown mass on his brain. The results were benign, but since then, I’ve been helping him through the recovery process and almost a month […]

TBT: Saris Kahn and Chaos Moon

This is a piece of writing with a long back story. My internet name is iceybunneh but for a while I went just by Icey. Back in high school, I had two comic characters, a cat girl named Icey and a winged panther/black cat named Chaos Moon (based off of […]