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Shadow Assassins in Reader's Entertainment Magazine

Shadow Assassins is in!

The day is here! Shadow Assassins is in! I mentioned earlier in May that Shadow Assassins was a part of Reader’s Entertainment Magazine’s Sneak Peek section, where they highlight new books. Well today is the 31st, so I eagerly went and checked for the post. I also about leaped […]

Map & Shadow Assassins Revisions

Let’s get right to it: a map of the Second Realm has been released. This map of the Second Realm has been in development technically since 2009. It was made partly in Fractal World Explorer in 2009, partially finished in Photoshop in 2009 and largely abandoned, until it was picked up again […]

This has nothing to do with the Shadow Assassins second edition...

Reformatting Shadow Assassins

Sunday night, I was struck by the odd urge to get a head start on my work for the week, which was mostly dealing with the Shadow Assassins second edition. At 11 PM. It was strange. but it was helpful. I’ve been meaning to reformat Shadow Assassins to a smaller […]