Hiatus Over

Here we are again, friends. There was a long period of time where I couldn’t stand looking at my manuscript for Liliana. After all of the planning, all of the time spent writing (and re-writing parts), and the first few rounds of editing and formatting, I had to take a step back. The thought of staring at Liliana for another moment was overwhelming, and not in a good way.

It’s kind of how I work. I work in strange cycles. With Liliana, I carried around my planning notebook practically everywhere so I could outline, plot, plan, and write. I poured everything I had into my first draft. After I was done, I felt accomplished…and burned out. Being the writer I am, I can’t take a break from writing, but I had to take a break from the project at hand.

So, Liliana cooled off for a bit while I bounced around to other ideas, and collaborated with other ideas. I got involved with an actual social life with actual people outside of my office (shocking). Life kept me busy. Now that I have control over some of those things again, I cycled back to Liliana with fresh eyes. Now that I’ve had time away from the project, I can do a final round of editing and formatting (let’s be honest: rounds of editing and formatting, in frustrating multiples) before I throw my work out into the world. My roommate pokes fun at how I print out manuscripts and eat right through our brand new ink cartridges because I have to get away from the computer while editing. I tend to skip over the same typos and mentally fill in words on the computer, for some reason. I miss simple things if I’m staring at the computer for hours at a time. That was a major reason why I had to get away from Liliana for a bit. The story was starting to melt into mush for me, becoming the same thing no matter how many times I read it and edited and read it and edited and…

(well, you get it)

Earlier this week, I opened Liliana again and started a fresh read through. The story hooked me in like it did while I was writing it, before I started the soul-crushing editing and formatting process. I realized that the block I had for this manuscript was over. I cycled back to Liliana in my creative process.

I’m ready to finish this story.