Liliana might be real…

Last night took a bad turn. My computer froze, so I shut it down improperly. That caused the corruption of a file when I tried saving it later on. The file in question? Liliana.odt.

That’s my third book, by the way.

Sometime last year, I accidentally saved over a chapter that involved Dante’s opening scene in Liliana, following her journey in Warpath and I had to re-write that chapter, which was torture enough trying to reconstruct an elaborate ritual to be seen in the third book. Last night, the entire Liliana document got deleted because it was corrupt. I have a backup and a redundant backup of all of my stories, but I hadn’t updated those backups in a couple of weeks. I ended up losing the end of one chapter, a full chapter, and the beginning of another chapter with that file corruption.


Most of Liliana is handwritten, so on the whole, if I didn’t have those backups, I could reconstruct large chunks of the story. The parts that I lost were started in my notebook and continued on my phone via Evernote, but after that it was all freehand. In truth what I lost was only about eight full 8.5×11 pages (I size those down to 6×9 for publishing), but those eight pages were intense to write. Liliana has intense scenes in it – emotionally intense. I have to try and recapture the emotions I had in it before, and that’s a draining process. As I create emotions for the story, I become emotionally exhausted myself.

I texted my friend to complain about the scenario last night. Her reply? LILIANA DOESN’T WANT TO BE KNOWN. She cursed your book!

Oh come on. I’m just a writer. I can’t afford to be cursed by one of my own creations… tumblr_mpj2raPi1e1s8a280o1_400

Yes, I really just took the time to insert an emoji into my blog. Dear lord, I’m going batty…someone stop me before it devolves into full emoji text lingo.

Well, me and my batty self are going to be playing catch up. My man tried to come to the rescue and recover the file for me last night. While the file itself was found, the contents inside are all scrambled and I can’t seem to find the right character set to filter it through, to where anything makes any sense. Should anyone happen to know about file recovery or any sort of useful computer forensics, you’d be in this writer’s debt if you were to help recover the jumbled file.

In the meantime, I have eight pages to catch back up on. Liliana might in fact be real, but not even a Dark Witch like her can stop me from getting this last book out. The Shadow Assassins are waiting!

PS: If you want to see the un-stretched version of the featured image, look no further. This describes how I felt last night when I rage quit and went to bed.