Editing never stops

In the final proofing of Shadow Assassins before it’s released to Createspace and Kindle, I keep noticing little errors. Not typos, not blatant grammatical issues, but just wording that makes me twitch, or bad spacing of the font. These are all the little OCD details I thought I had ironed out when the manuscript was finished. How exactly do they keep popping up?

I think it’s a part of the reason why we writers always need fresh eyes to judge our manuscripts. We get so used to reading the same manuscript over and over, knowing how it’s supposed to read in our head, that we completely skip over obvious errors like misplaced commas, my dreaded enemy, overused ellipses, and other issues.

It’s just frustrating whenever I’m really pushing for this to be released and I keep finding things I want to fix…but I refuse to release a work that is not up to par with what it could be.