Map Making and Second Editions

I’ve been thinking for a while that I need to release a second edition of Shadow Assassins. The second edition would correct some of the minor typos and grammatical errors and change the formatting of the current book out now. It would also include a map of the Second Realm.

Ohh, yeah.

A few years ago, I played around with 3D map making software and formed the general shape of the Second Realm. A Photoshop edit laid out the basic territories, but because the 3D map showed things like elevation, land type (desert, ice), there was no real room for me to draw territory lines out, define forests and other things I wanted to show. Some terrain on the Isle Dark had also changed since I had mapped it out originally, with a forest shifting closer to one coastline than it was in the image.

So, after trying to get back into the same 3D mapping this morning, I threw the whole concept of redrawing the Second Realm out the window and went back to the map I had been working on back in 2011. My Photoshop skills are pretty basic, so I traced the outline of the land with the pen tool and decided to draw the land flat, instead of in color and 3D. Add in some nice free map making brushes and I had a design going.

Well, kind of. I’m still in the process of making it, and it’s not as easy as I thought it would be…but there is progress and it does help define the Second Realm a bit. Once it’s done, it’ll be added into the second edition of Shadow Assassins and prepped for re-release.

Oh, I’m excited.

For now, have a snippet! It’s still pretty rough at this point, but hey, it’s something to add. The Aeriad mountains weren’t directly mentioned in Shadow Assassins, I think, but they do have some significance to Atrimalous. What that is, though…that’s heading to the land of spoilers.

Partial map of the Second Realm