Operation: #WriteOrDie

Yes, I realize hash tags are wholly inappropriate outside of Twitter. Bear with me for a sec.

This week I’ve contemplated a hardcore writing schedule meant to churn out more results for the Second Realm Trilogy, whether it be editing Warpath, starting the third book or simply bringing more attraction to Shadow Assassins. Whatever I end up doing on this writing schedule, it will have priority over the majority of my day.

Some authors dedicate full time work to their writing, as your typical 9-5 job. Well, hello, friend. I’ve got a long day of writing ahead of me tomorrow. This means taking a break from my online projects, closing out my browser (insert an ominous thunderclap here, please), turning my phone to silent (gasp) and ignoring the outside world.

Why #WriteOrDie?

Honestly, sometimes I feel like my livelihood depends on my writing. If there was one thing I wanted to contribute to the world before I die, it’s my writing. When I finished Shadow Assassins, I let it sit around and gather dust for a while. I don’t want the same thing to happen with Warpath, the planned third book or any of the writing I’ve started. As a writer, I strike while the iron is hot and languish while the writers block settles.

No more. If I really want to defeat thine old enemy, writer’s block, I’ve got to be really active in my writing, not just do it whenever. Once I get used to writing every day like I did before, I think it’ll be easier to create.

So yes, #WriteOrDie.

Will I really die if I fail this project? Well, no. That would just be silly. It is important to me, though, and important enough for me to do this.

And as my friend just told me on Facebook, “We can’t win if we don’t fight.”