TBT: Mizuho, the original Shadow Assassin

Alright, so last Friday I presented a delayed throwback Thursday on my first major piece of writing. Today, on an actual Thursday, I’m going to present something just as cringe-worthy, but related to the Second Realm Trilogy and the Shadow Assassins.

In 2004, I was obsessed with creating a badass lead female character in a fantasy world. This was also during my dreaded “anime” phase. Influenced by so much anime and Japanese culture, everything had to be Japanese, take place in Japan and have a Japanese or anime-inspired name.

Enter Mizuho. She was the first character originally designed for the later versions of the Shadow Assassins. In her original inception, she was a part of a long family tradition that guarded Japan, and in general, the rest of the Earth, from a hidden magical world. Sound familiar? I’ve had the concept of the Second Realm down for a long time, but in this time frame, when I was fourteen, I had no idea of how large the world could be. That was why the earliest versions of the Shadow Assassins always flopped, because I tried to restrain them to just Tokyo, to just Japan and just the earth we see normally. They never explored the Second Realm in the earliest days. And in truth, as much as I read about Japan and Japanese culture, my ability to convincingly write an environment that didn’t sound it was written by a kid obsessed with anime (which is exactly what I was)…well, it didn’t go over well. To say the least

Mizuho eventually evolved into Evangeline. I didn’t know anything about Evie’s family or heritage until the majority of the proper world building took place in 2011. For now…this is the first attempt at Mizuho’s story, before I even really got to know her. I’m pretty sure this introduction is longer than the actual prose.

Yeah, I apologize in advance. It’s quite cringe-worthy.

Throwback Thursday: Shadow Assassin (the original concept)
Estimated time written: Early 2004



The moon shone full, casting its pale yellow light down onto the city below. Stars beside it twinkled silver and gold, adding to the light. Most of the light was obscured by streetlights, lamp lights, and lights from nearby buildings.

A girl walked through the dark streets of Tokyo by herself. Her dark brown eyes stared at the concrete as she walked. Her raven hair went down to her forearm, straight, but spiked together at the ends. A few strands of hair covered her right eye, but not to the point where she couldn’t see. She wore a black long sleeved tank top with a silver star on it, covered by a short black jean jacket, and black low-cut cargo pants that covered her ankle boots.

Her eyes kept alert, though focused on the ground. The lamp lights would show any shadows of approaching people. It was quiet enough around her to hear anyone coming for miles.

A car sped by, honking its horn impatiently at her for walking in the middle of the road. She moved to the left, and the car zoomed on by into the dark streets.

Her eyes widened, then narrowed, fully alert. She could hear something in the bushes beside her, moving quickly. Someone was there, she knew.

Her arms dropped to her side. She flicked her left wrist. Out of her sleeve came a dagger, the blade about a good six inches long. The hilt dropped into her palm neatly, and she caught it, the blade against her thigh.

There was more movement in the bushes around her, the sound of someone running and coming closer to her. She tensed, but stood still, waiting.

Out of the bushes came a figure cloaked completely in black, head to toe. The cloak’s hood was up over the figure’s head, face in shadow. It ran towards her, drawing out a sword from the folds of its cloak.

She dodged to the left, eyes narrowed, lips curled in a smirk. “You wanna play?” she growled.

The figure dove at her again. She dropped to the ground, rolled, and grabbed the end of the cloak as the figure flew by. She tugged hard, and the figure was slammed to the ground. She pinned the cloaked person to the ground and pressed the blade of her dagger to where the person’s neck would be.

“Who are you?” she asked. Instead of waiting for an answer, she slid back the cloak’s hood, revealing a boy with blue-black eyes and spiked black hair. He was grinning stupidly at her.

“What do you want, idiot?” she asked, getting off of him and sliding her dagger back up her sleeve.

“Aww c’mon, that’s no way to talk to a friend.” the boy said, standing up. He helped her up, but she shoved him off of her. “C’mon, don’t give me the cold shoulder again, Mizuho! Mizuho!”

“My mother sent you, didn’t she?” she growled at him. “Honestly. She can’t be using my friends like this!”

“Would you chill?!” he cried. “I was just having a little fun, no need to blow it all out of proportion.”

“Yeah? Well maybe you think it’s fun because your family doesn’t have the same profession as mine.”

“Aww, lighten up, Mizuho.” he took off the cloak, revealing street clothes similar to Mizuho’s. “So, do you think your mom will send you out to carry on the job anytime soon?”

“Maybe.” Mizuho’s voice lightened up. “She said most of the family start when they’re my age.” The two began walking down the street again.

“Maybe it’ll be halfway across the world!” her friend cried, his voice growing excited. “To a faraway, exotic country, to go after a rich billionaire! And after the job’s done, you’ll share his riches with me!”

“Get real!” she cried, laughing. “For one thing, you’d try and keep the money for yourself.”

“Well, that’s true…”

Okay, so that was basically a long series of paragraphs of nothing, really. You can say it, haha. In this version, Mizuho was supposed to fly to America and assassinate some teenager because of his connection to the hidden magical world. It never got anywhere because it was scrapped and re-written to have an an incredibly cringe-worthy school scene a la Cardcaptor Sakura (still a favorite anime of mine). Just…just, no.

I think next week, I might share some of when the Shadow Assassins really started to come together as a real concept. As a team. If you can bear my old teenage writing, you have my admiration. You are a brave one indeed.

If you would like some of my more recent (and mature) writing, maybe you should check out what free reads I offer on this site. It’s not quite as traumatic, hehe.

Also, have a little pic I found. Mizuho was supposed to be a school girl by day, bad ass supernatural fighter by night. Kind of reminds me of this.

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