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This is a piece of writing with a long back story. My internet name is iceybunneh but for a while I went just by Icey. Back in high school, I had two comic characters, a cat girl named Icey and a winged panther/black cat named Chaos Moon (based off of the original Lunar Sun, seen here).Their misadventures were simple, Icey was hyper and chaotic and Chaos Moon was her exhausted, exasperated companion. During this time frame, the Second Realm was a growing idea and I wanted to try and develop it. Because of that, I tried to do some origin story for Icey and Chaos, of why she’s a girl with cat ears and why a cat has wings and can talk. That resulted in this piece.

This piece is simply titled, “The History of Icey and Chaos,” version 3, started April 22, 2006. That should give you an idea of how old the Second Realm is, but also of my budding ideas that carried through into Shadow Assassins. Things here are not as developed as Shadow Assassins, so if things sound funny, that’s because things have changed since writing this piece. This was five handwritten pages and never finished, so it does end abruptly. This also uses the original map of the Second Realm, when Aurialis was called the Light Continent, and before the Ice Dragon Mountains were moved down to the Isle Dark (at this point, the Isle Dark didn’t exist yet).

This is also typed verbatim, in terms of words and punctuation. The only thing changed would be any misspellings. This is how I wrote when I was a teenager…

Let’s begin!

The History of Icey and Chaos, version 3
April 22, 2006 – April 30, 2006

The Second Realm was a world apart from what most humans would call “normal.” A hidden realm on Earth, it housed creatures of myth and legend. Here humans shared land with werewolves, dragons, demons, angels, fairies, vampires, Immortals and crossbreeds. But here humans were a minority, living mostly in the Emeralde Kingdom, isolated.

It was here within the Emeralde Kingdom that the war started. The war that caused the deaths of supernatural creatures, countless in number. King Emeralde’s war, fueled by paranoia and insanity, supported by war-crazed, mortal knights.

It was because of this war that they were on the run.

They made their way out of the Emeralde Kingdom, not daring to stop, not even daring to turn around for the slightest second. The light of the full moon overhead was their only source of light. Man and creature, side by side, head-ing to the appropriately named Moonlight Forest. They couldn’t stop just yet. They were still too close to the Emeralde Kingdom.

The man was Saris Kahn. An Immortal, he was a human with supernatural powers mortals could never possess. The ability to live for centuries, as well as the inability to catch the slightest of illnesses were common traits of all Immortals, but they were more famous for the ability to summon weapons and shields from pure energy. Saris had been around since the Spanish Inquisition. He had helped create the Second Realm with three other Immortal mages to escape the terror spreading.

And now, hundreds of years later he, one of the creators of the Second Realm, was to be arrested for being an Immortal. Not for murder or theft, he was wanted for existing. There was to be no trial for his “crime,” just death.

All because of the madness of King Emeralde.

Saris was stronger than King Emeralde’s entire army. However, Immortal powers decreased with each passing century. For Saris, alive since the Inquisition, this was an obvious problem. That, along with a failed assassination attempt by King Emeralde’s knights left him weakened. So, swallowing his pride, the Immortal took the only option left to him: flee the Emeralde Kingdom. Not a great option for one of the most powerful Immortal mages of the Second Realm, but it was better than death.

Chaos Moon did not agree. “Chaos,” as he was called, was Saris’s familiar, his spirit guide. It was Chaos’s job to train Saris in using his powers in the most effective way, even if that way was evil. But, having been with Saris for hundreds of years, those lessons had stopped. Chaos was now Saris’s advisor and constant companion. He enjoyed the benefits of being with such a famous Immortal and did not approve of any part of the war.

The winged panther also believed fleeing the Emeralde Kingdom was cowardly. He had seen Saris in countless battles, had fought beside his human in more than half of them. He knew Saris was weak, but the mage was stronger than the average Immortal. They could fight!

But no. Saris had chosen the “safe” path, believing that by disappearing, he could help bring peace. His logic made sense to him alone, something he usually took pride in. But this time his pride was almost gone completely, replaced by disgust and fear. He was sick of the fighting, sick of the war. He wanted out.

And thus Immortal and familiar continued to make their way through the forest. They made their way over the tangled underbrush of the Moonlight Forest, still too close to the Emeralde Kingdom to stop and rest.

At long last they arrived at a clearing. The trees gave way to the Ice Dragon Mountains, the mountain chain that split the Light Continent into its four quadrants. Saris stopped, catching his breath. Chaos was right beside him, also breathless.

“So where to now?” Chaos asked.

Saris’s ink-black gaze focused on the mountains. “Cross the Ice Dragon Mountains, head to the Temple of Four Mages. Get the others to heal us, then go into hiding for a while.” He saw the disappointment in the panther’s expression and knew what he was thinking. “It’s the best plan for now, Chaos. We need to disappear for a while.”

“You weren’t always this docile, Saris,” Chaos said, shaking his furry head. “I remember a time where you would fight for every injustice.”

“Yes, but that was a long time ago, Chaos. I might not have that much power left in me. It would be better to save it for when it’s needed.” The mage heaved a weary sigh. When he spoke again, he sounded tired and sad. “Chaos…we may not live to see the end of this war. I fear King Emeralde’s knights will not stop their search for us.”

“Always the optimist,” Chaos said with a slight laugh. “We won’t escape the knights sitting around like this.”

“Of course. Let’s go.”

The two found an old pathway in the mountains, leading from the southwest quadrant, the Land of the Moon Worshipers, to the southeast quadrant, the Land of Warring Territories. Their destination was southeast, in one spot of peace, the Temple of Four Mages, where the four creators of the Second Realm lived. The pathway lead directly to the Temple. It was mostly used by refugees of the war these days, but before the war it was often the site of trader’s posts, filled the laughter of people, even at night. Now, in the dead of night, the pathway was ominously silent. There was nothing of the pathway’s former days, except the occasional dropped coin or item.

Saris and Chaos made their way through the mountain pathway, moonlight their only guide. They were both silent, aware of the fact that they might not be the only ones on the pathway.

Chaos stopped suddenly. He crouched, baring sharp teeth. A low growl emitted from deep within his throat.

Saris stopped. He recognized his familiar’s tense stance. They weren’t alone.

“Who’s there?” the mage finally asked, voice barely above a low murmur.

“Knights.” the reply was a growl.


“Nearby. That’s all I can sense.”

Dark eyes narrowed, Saris summoned an energy sword from the Immortal power he possessed. The sword was a brilliant silver-white color. He alone could touch it – it burned anyone else who touched it, even by accident. The perfect hand-to-hand combat weapon.

From the surrounding […]

Hey, wait a minute…why did it stop? That’s where I stopped writing. The project flopped after I started getting into other projects and moved away from doodled comics. I still remember what was supposed to happen, to a point. Saris and Chaos were confronted by knights, and after a fight, they escaped to the wilderness within the Ice Dragon Mountains. That was when they found Icey, who was some sort of sacred cat girl or something. Still being chased by knights, Saris feared that his only option was to head to the First Realm, so he opened a portal. Surrounded by the knights, Saris tells Chaos to take Icey with him, and he’ll be right behind them…even as the knights close in for their fatal blows.

The story didn’t make sense in the long run, because Icey and Chaos were caricatures that dealt with things like hating homework and bad test scores. Chaos also became my way to complain about things so there was never a time where he was polite. I think this whole thing was me wanting to be a fantasy writer without the real skill or know-how. Not that I’m an expert now – I’m still learning, every day. This however, is a part of the Second Realm’s history, for however long Icey and Chaos existed. Every now and then I”ll still doodle a little Chaos the Cat.



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