Time to Rebuild

Okay, I admit it. 2015 was a pretty dead year for me. I’ve already explained that personal issues took priority, but somehow that doesn’t seem to make up for the silence around here. First thing to change here is the theme, as the other one was wearing its welcome out for me. There’s a lot of changes I’m pushing myself towards, and I’ve already outlined some. The main change lately?

Operation: #WriteOrDie has retired.

I’ve talked about Operation: #WriteOrDie before. There was a long period of time where I dedicated myself to writing, adhered by a strict writing schedule and sleep schedule. Since things have changed and I have a flexible work schedule, that is completely impossible. My work days outside of writing are set by a schedule that has some constant fluidity, but for the most part flexes between morning and night shifts. My sleep schedules are also terribly controlled once again (but I’m trying, I swear).

I had a spreadsheet where I kept track of my writing progress. I’ve talked about my writing totals here, somewhat. That idea backfired on me. I had a weird, neurotic mindset that I couldn’t write unless I kept this spreadsheet up to date. Worse: sometimes while I had an idea fresh in my mind, I couldn’t bring myself to¬†write just because I didn’t want to keep track of numbers and times.

Word count is an impressive feat, but I’ve been focusing on the wrong thing.

With my personal problems, my main focus on taking care of my mental health, and real-life obligations, I don’t want to focus on arbitrary numbers and time stamps. I’ve struggled with trying to keep my old pace up, while I’ve had larger and larger ideas developing in my head. I need to go back to the basics and start over. That means abiding by the simplest rule: write, every day. I have a book of writing prompts to make my way through, and I even picked up a few books on writing to help respark the brain.

I want to focus on the quality of my writing, not just how many words I can push out in one day.

That said, Liliana is still undergoing a massive editing process. Some days it has been a struggle to focus on editing. 2015 was a dead year for me, but it’s time to rebuild from there. When we hit bottom, the only way to go is up.