Reformatting Shadow Assassins

This has nothing to do with the Shadow Assassins second edition...

Sunday night, I was struck by the odd urge to get a head start on my work for the week, which was mostly dealing with the Shadow Assassins second edition. At 11 PM. It was strange. but it was helpful. I’ve been meaning to reformat Shadow Assassins to a smaller book format, down to 5×8 instead of 6×9. It seems like a small difference but it upped the page count from 268 to 360. The page count wasn’t really what I was after though. Things needed a bit of a touch up. There were a lot of corrections and a few additions made:

  • General grammar issues. I had the whole manuscript done in Open Office Writer and that doesn’t do the same type of grammar checks that Microsoft Word does. When I popped it over to Word for a reformat, issues were brought to light that weren’t mentioned at all in Open Office Writer.
  • Chapter format change. That ugly horizontal line is gone under the chapter title.
  • Chapter number fix. This was probably the most embarrassing thing I had found. There are two chapter nineteens for some reason. This is the problem when you work by yourself – you miss the obvious! This is also why writers are advised to let others look at their work, it gives a new, fresh set of eyes that won’t skip over problems like this. So this has been fixed, and because of it, the book was “extended” by a chapter. I feel like slapping myself in the face for that one.
  • Cover change. If you notice, the cover is darker than the images used on this site. That’s due to a setting with Createspace’s cover designer (which, I really want to move away from pre-made covers but I don’t know a lot about cover art myself and professional designers are way out of my price range!). The new cover should be lighter, but only time will tell after it’s fully submitted, processed and ready to go.
  • Addition of a map of the Second Realm. This one was a trip to make indeed. I may post it here, but it still needs fixing before the final reformat is resubmitted.
  • Table of Contents (ebook version). There should be a way to navigate through the chapters now, for the electronic version.

So yeah, a lot of things are changing but the story is still the same. It might be in an easier, smaller format (trust me, one inch loss makes a huge difference). It’ll be finalized and submitted soon, then it will be the version out and available for printing. For those of you with the somewhat derped first editions, I’d say that’s a keepsake. If you’re into that sort of thing 😛

PS: No related image this time, so the featured image for this post is from this wallpaper site. I love fantasy wallpapers so much.

PS (again): There may be a new page added to the website later today, about what other Second Realm projects I’m working on…