Map & Shadow Assassins Revisions

Let’s get right to it: a map of the Second Realm has been released.

Map of the Second Realm
Click for the locations page

This map of the Second Realm has been in development technically since 2009. It was made partly in Fractal World Explorer in 2009, partially finished in Photoshop in 2009 and largely abandoned, until it was picked up again in 2014 and finished in Photoshop. Map brushes were obtained from herehere and here. Kudos and credits to the original brush makers.However, my old and partially finished map of the Second Realm didn’t work, as locations had changed. I also didn’t want a 3D map in my book. I sat down in Photoshop and traced the same land mass. Locations are pretty much the same, with some revision done to the Isle Dark, mostly.

Descriptions of all territories can now be found on the Locations page, as well as the glossary of Shadow Assassins. Because Shadow Assassins is the only book out, the Locations page will only contain in-depth information related to lands traveled in Shadow Assassins, although some hints about the upcoming Warpath might have been dropped.

Speaking of Shadow Assassins, the revised first edition will be available shortly. This fixes the chapter nineteen mistake, along with some basic grammatical and format fixes. A full second edition might be available soon, which means the website will change slightly to accommodate the new version.

For now, let’s travel to the Second Realm. We even have a map to assist us now!

(and I swear, if anyone quotes anything from Dora the Explor– I mean, what…)