New Location, New Look

Been a while, hasn’t it? A lot has happened lately. I’ve moved from sunny Florida back to Texas for my family, so my daily schedule and routine in both general every day life and in writing has changed. The website has undergone a bit of a face lift. And Liliana has made wonderful progress.

Changes, changes everywhere!

Things might keep changing on the website as I get everything nice and neat, so don’t mind me. All of the content should stay the same. There’s still information on the Second Realm, the Second Realm Trilogy, characters, free stories…everything is still here. We just put a new jacket on, so to speak. I thought this wonderful theme might be easier on the eyes when compared to the dark theme that was active for over a year. That means stories and information will be easier to read as well.

I know I’ve been silent on here since January, but with the chaos of family (mine, and my man’s), there are those days where 24 hours just isn’t enough. No worries though, I’m still here and still working hard on Liliana.

To make up for the long bout of silence here, I’ve updated my Upcoming page. I’ve always been hesitant on sharing this, but I’ve been churning out ideas and scribblings for these ideas. The Second Realm is larger than just the Second Realm trilogy 😉

PS: image used in this post found here.