The Second Realm on YouTube

A lot has happened recently. My main, overworked computer is resting, now that I’ve gotten an upgrade to something that can handle itself for more than just my writing and basic gaming needs (let me fangirl all about how this HP Envy can handle gaming. You’ll be here for ages). With that said, I’ve been playing around with making videos.

The first video I actually had to download off of The Second Realm’s Facebook page, as I didn’t have the original video file anymore, haha.

It wasn’t too elaborate. On this new machine I can edit videos a lot faster and with a lot less stress on my computer. May I present the new trailer for Shadow Assassins, which is also available on the front page of this site:

That said, can I also nudge you to the Second Realm’s YouTube channel? Sub for sub, same with Twitter’s follow for follow. I am #teamfollowback. (Okay, using hash tags outside of Twitter is a cardinal sin. Enough with that!)