Shadow Assassins is out!

THUMBNAIL_IMAGEHoly great leaping vampires, Batman!

(Wait, what?)

That’s right, Shadow Assassins is now available through purchase on Createspace!


I don’t think you can tell just how excited I am. Right? This is a project that has existed, in various parts, since I was thirteen. Thirteen. I’m twenty-four. Hell, I finished the first draft in 2011.

My man pointed out before that one of my biggest problems as a writer was fear. “It’ll never be ready by your standards,” That’s a common point in our heated debates. It’s partly true. In my striving for perfectionism, I can find a way to tweak the same sentence five different ways. Everything can always be made better. But for every edit, the release only got delayed.

Not anymore. This is the time.

The Shadow Assassins are ready for their arrival. Are you?