Shadow Assassins will be on May 31!

That’s right!

I was referred to the below post by Christi Hubbard and jumped at the chance to be included.

There was some technical problems that involved my email bouncing back and when I messaged Sheila Clover English about it, she was incredibly kind and helpful, allowing me to email her personal address to make sure my information went through. I had forgotten about that email for a few weeks, preoccupied with my writing and gardening, until I got an email confirmation from Circle of Seven Productions this morning, stating that I would be making it into their website on May 31.

Cue the explosion of excitement.

May 31 is so far away, yet I still can’t wait to see the Shadow Assassins there. Until then, I advise checking out some of the other sneak peeks they’re doing. They’ve got some good stuff up there. In the mean time, this little indie author is going to dance her pants off (not really! Bad images all around, haha!) at the opportunity presented.

Excitement everywhere!

It’s perfectly contained within this image I found. Cute, isn’t it?