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Warpath Full Teaser

Oh, sweet Warpath! Warpath is immediately available through Createspace! Amazon, Kindle and international release is coming soon. Everything will be released by January 5, 2015. Keep an eye out on this post for links to purchase! Credits are owed for this trailer again, as the images used are wallpapers I’ve […]

Introducing The Second Realm Short Story Collection: 2014

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and all the rest of the bunch! I have a delightful gift. May I introduce… The Second Realm Short Story Collection: 2014 This is a collection of the short stories I’ve released here on TheSecondRealm.net over the course of the year, plus a new short story […]

Warpath Preliminary Cover & Synopsis

Things are coming along swimmingly for Warpath (if you ignore the author pulling her hair out). That said, may I introduce the preliminary cover art for the second book in the Second Realm trilogy! Now, I say preliminary because I still need to finalize things, order a physical proof and […]

Warpath Micro Teaser Trailer

Well hello, Warpath trailer! This came out of my wrecking my sleep schedule again. When that happens, I tend to lose the ability to write. Or, if I force myself to write, two things happen: either the writing is decent, or my writing is the result of chimpanzees banging on […]

Warpath Excerpt

Warpath: Second Excerpt

Have you seen the first Warpath excerpt? Here comes another Warpath excerpt. A while back I released a small snippet of Warpath on Twitter. Yes, that is my semi-legible handwriting in purple ink… #amwriting Warpath. #ShadowAssassins until the end. And yeah that’s purple ink lol. #handwriting #SecondRealmTrilogy pic.twitter.com/5oFJVOyAi0 — Melissa […]

Shadow Assassins will be on readersentertainment.com May 31!

That’s right! I was referred to the below post by Christi Hubbard and jumped at the chance to be included. There was some technical problems that involved my email bouncing back and when I messaged Sheila Clover English about it, she was incredibly kind and helpful, allowing me to email her […]

Getting Ready to Go

This is honestly a bit scary, inviting people to look at the world inside my head. The first book, Shadow Assassins, is currently awaiting final submission at Createspace, then it’ll be ready to go. Have you checked out the first chapter preview of Shadow Assassins yet? Check it out and […]

Shadow Assassins Cover Art

Oh, we’re getting fancy now ;] Click the image below for the full cover size. This is just the front cover, mind you, but I’m damn proud of it. It makes that inner writer in me glow.

Welcome to the Second Realm

Welcome, friends. This is the up and coming website of the fantasy trilogy of the same name. Currently, the first book, Shadow Assassins, is being prepped and made ready for ebook sales. Please don’t hesitate to hit that subscribe button to keep up with the latest news!