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The first draft of Liliana is finished (and other updates)

Let me take a moment and just flop down and catch my breath for a moment. There’s a lot of updates to slew through. On January 26, 2014, the first draft for Liliana started. Today, I can say that the first draft is finished. When I started, I had some […]

Warpath Cover Fix

Ordering Warpath as a paperback is disabled for now, unfortunately, while Createspace re-evaluates my files. There’s been a long-time problem with the cover, and this is the problem with using a premade cover maker like the service Createspace offers. The font colors are linked on the front cover and back cover, […]

WARPATH Release & Third Book News!

Ohh, yeah. Warpath is now available via Createspace! Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble release, as well as international release are all upcoming – some will hit before others but all will be available by January 5, 2015. Warpath was a book that has haunted me. From planning to drafting and […]

Warpath Full Teaser

Oh, sweet Warpath! Warpath is immediately available through Createspace! Amazon, Kindle and international release is coming soon. Everything will be released by January 5, 2015. Keep an eye out on this post for links to purchase! Credits are owed for this trailer again, as the images used are wallpapers I’ve […]

Warpath Preliminary Cover & Synopsis

Things are coming along swimmingly for Warpath (if you ignore the author pulling her hair out). That said, may I introduce the preliminary cover art for the second book in the Second Realm trilogy! Now, I say preliminary because I still need to finalize things, order a physical proof and […]

Warpath Micro Teaser Trailer

Well hello, Warpath trailer! This came out of my wrecking my sleep schedule again. When that happens, I tend to lose the ability to write. Or, if I force myself to write, two things happen: either the writing is decent, or my writing is the result of chimpanzees banging on […]

Warpath Progress

Well, this is awkward. I made an awkward mistake that set my progress on Warpath back quite a bit. Usually when I write, I use Open Office Writer because it’s clean and simple to use, without the bells and whistles of the full Microsoft Office suite. The full, published format […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thankful this Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! With nearly a year since I’ve released Shadow Assassins, I wanted to cover how far I’ve come since then. Shadow Assassins has been an idea in my mind since 2004, although ideas started before then. With all the work I’ve put myself through in order to journey […]

Thankful in hard times

I saw the nation’s anger last night, in Ferguson, Missouri. Ferguson was everywhere last night, in our homes, on the computer, on our phones. The nation came alive as a grand jury decided not to indict a white police officer for shooting a black teenager. I’m not here to talk […]

Warpath Excerpt

Warpath: Second Excerpt

Have you seen the first Warpath excerpt? Here comes another Warpath excerpt. A while back I released a small snippet of Warpath on Twitter. Yes, that is my semi-legible handwriting in purple ink… #amwriting Warpath. #ShadowAssassins until the end. And yeah that’s purple ink lol. #handwriting #SecondRealmTrilogy pic.twitter.com/5oFJVOyAi0 — Melissa […]