Warpath Cover Fix

Ordering Warpath as a paperback is disabled for now, unfortunately, while Createspace re-evaluates my files. There’s been a long-time problem with the cover, and this is the problem with using a premade cover maker like the service Createspace offers. The font colors are linked on the front cover and back cover, so while the front cover looks fine, the back cover is hard to read. My printed copy of Warpath was a disappointment because of this, and after the stress of finalizing the book, pushing it out and heading to be with my man’s family for some other things, I was just burned out.

That said, I apologize. This cover issue should have been fixed sooner. There were just so many other things on my to-do list, with writing being a primary concern. The cover went back to the original light print on dark color scheme that the preliminary cover design used. Don’t second guess yourself – instinct knows best!

Warpath is still available for Kindle and I’ll be fixing the cover art I have hanging around this site and others to reflect the new changes.

There’s always something to do around here 😛

PS: For the full image of the new cover photo (not that drastic a change, btw), click the image below for the full size.