Warpath Progress

Well, this is awkward. I made an awkward mistake that set my progress on Warpath back quite a bit. Usually when I write, I use Open Office Writer because it’s clean and simple to use, without the bells and whistles of the full Microsoft Office suite. The full, published format has its own place in a Word document, where I can play with settings that Open Office doesn’t have (and because Createspace doesn’t recognize .odt files and I don’t like saving as .doc…boo hoo, I’m picky, I know). Because of that, I have two copies of Warpath, the original Open Office document that contains the second draft and any subsequent edits (first draft tends to be handwritten, I have several notebooks for that) and the formal Word document. Unfortunately, I made new edits to both documents in different places. Different edits. From beginning to end in both documents.

[insert violent image of an author ripping her hair out here]

I’m having to double back on my editing to make sure that the final draft has the correct edits and that I didn’t leave anything out. Some of the edits are obvious enough to catch a second time around, but for additions, deletions or any other edit that I won’t remember by reading the original sentence, I’m having to go through both documents simultaneously. If there was some sort of program that could help detect the difference in two different file types, I would probably cry happy, frustrated tears.

Aside from that, I’m working on a trailer for Warpath. Similar to the trailer for Shadow Assassins, this is just a trailer that breaks down the book. Being a one-woman team, I do just about everything related to the Second Realm myself, from website maintenance, social media presence, media creation like images found here and videos. I’m sure I could find people more tech-savvy than I, but with a wallet that cries every time it’s pried open and my floaty mind wandering from project to project, I’m a frustrating teammate. I keep telling myself it’s all a learning process and when all fails, remind myself that I am a work in progress. 

I am a work in progress and that is why I’ve made a simple mistake on Warpath that’s going to slow my progress down. But that’s okay. There were several errors made in Shadow Assassins that I am trying my hardest to avoid this time. Shadow Assassins was my push into the world of independent authorship and over the past year, I’ve learned a lot. This time, I’m going to work even harder to push out a wonderful gem of work.

In the meantime, I may slip some short stories in here and there, like a delicious story seasoning 🙂

(PS: Don’t mind my strange choice of blog photo this time. It was just because I found it hilarious for some absurd reason)