Free Reads

Pull up a chair and get comfy. Here are some free stories to read for you.

THUMBNAIL_IMAGE Shadow Assassins Excerpt: Chapter One – Get the first chapter of Shadow Assassins for free.


Warpath Excerpt – Read an excerpt of Warpath – the upcoming sequel to Shadow Assassins. This excerpt appeared at the back of the Shadow Assassins book.


Forest-Wallpaper-For-Desktop Feynid – A free short story by Melissa Vazquez. When quiet earth mage Archibald Samuels gets lost in the Feynid Forest, he meets his love interest in the forest. Or, what he thinks is his love interest.


Hunter/Hunted – Free story by Melissa Vazquez. Maxwell Hunter is a vampire hunter in the city of Moonlight Hills, the same city Shadow Assassins opens in. He doesn’t expect how strong his new vampire target is…


Project Pyro, for Audiomachine's contest Project Pyro – Free story by Melissa Vazquez. This was a contest entry for Audiomachine’s PHENOMENA: Epic Heros event. Serafina only knew life inside of a laboratory, where scientists controlled her every move…until a fire sets her free. Her only friend informs her of Project Pyro, of what it is and what their connection is to it.


The Tower, by Melissa Vazquez

The Tower – Free story by Melissa Vazquez. This is a 997 word flash fiction challenge. In a post-apocalyptic future, four monoliths rise up from the waste and pollution of the cities they currently occupy. Known as the Towers, they house the human population. Adeline is a girl who wants nothing more but to go outside and taste the fresh air and freedom – even if both can kill her.