Looking for Second Realm media to spread the word with? There are several images that you can use to link back to Keep in touch for more, and if you want to donate or suggest an image, please use our Contact page. We will have more soon!

As of now, all of the artwork below has been made by author Melissa Vazquez. If you would like to contribute your own artwork to, you will be fully credited for your work. We believe in sharing the love, here!

Note: Please don’t hotlink and eat up our bandwidth! Please save the image onto your computer, then upload to your favorite image uploader. Here’s a few to keep in mind: imgur, Photobucket, Image Shack, along with dozens of others.

The Second Realm Media

Affiliate Button (88×31)

Link back to The Second Realm!

Forum Signature (480×183)

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Quote Cards (500×500)

Link back to The Second Realm!   Link back to The Second Realm!

YouTube Videos

First trailer for Shadow Assassins:

Second trailer for Shadow Assassins: