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Shadow Assassins Excerpt: Chapter One

Shadow Assassins Excerpt Chapter One The First Realm, normal Earth, The city of Moonlight Hills Dirk Calden felt at home in Moonlight Hills. Deep within this city were creatures of the night that lived side-by-side with humans. Few humans even realized that the creatures that occupied the city were more […]

Shadow Assassins Cover Art

Oh, we’re getting fancy now ;] Click the image below for the full cover size. This is just the front cover, mind you, but I’m damn proud of it. It makes that inner writer in me glow.

Welcome to the Second Realm

Welcome, friends. This is the up and coming website of the fantasy trilogy of the same name. Currently, the first book, Shadow Assassins, is being prepped and made ready for ebook sales. Please don’t hesitate to hit that subscribe button to keep up with the latest news!