The Second Realm Trilogy

The Second Realm Trilogy is the debut trilogy by author Melissa Vazquez. Of the three books, Shadow Assassins is immediately available, with Warpath on the way and the third book currently being written. The Second Realm trilogy deals with a group of adults known as the Shadow Assassins, who live in the First Realm, or normal Earth as we know it. For information on what the Second Realm is, please see About the Second Realm.

Shadow Assassins

THUMBNAIL_IMAGE Shadow Assassins is the first book in The Second Realm Trilogy.The eponymous Shadow Assassins are asked to visit the Second Realm to investigate what could be a land on the brink of war. Instead of investigating as they anticipated, they are instead attacked and separated in the mysterious land of magic known as the Second Realm…

Book Synopsis

When vampire Dirk Calden visits the city of Moonlight Hills, he is in desperate need of help. He seeks the Shadow Assassins, a group of humans with supernatural talent. They are asked to come back to his native land, the Second Realm, home of all ancient magic. The Shadow Assassins are ready for a job they think will be typical: cleaning up the messes vampires leave in the night, keeping the humans from finding out about the native vampire population. Before they can start their job, they are attacked, separating the fiery half angel, half demon Evangeline from her friends – the shape shifter Kaleb, the earth mage Kaydee and the telekinetic Marco.

Stranded in a strange, magic land, each of the Assassins will have to find each other, among the native populations of elves, werecats and faerie tricksters…as well as deal with a rising war and a king bent on erasing the supernatural population from the land of magic they live in.

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WarpathWarpath Cover

Warpath is the second book in The Second Realm Trilogy.This book will be coming soon for ebook and print. The artwork on the side is the preliminary artwork. Warpath continues the journey of the Shadow Assassins and their companions after the first book ended.

Book Synopsis

The Shadow Assassins have never been in a hidden magical realm called the Second Realm, until they were called in by a teacher from the Moonriver Academy for the Supernaturally Gifted. Following the destruction of the school, three united armies stand against the mad King Emeralde’s soldiers – the remains of the Moonriver Academy, the werecat tribe Kkyathi and the elf colony of Oraldine. King Emeralde’s army runs rampant, no longer controlled by a man losing his mind. In the midst of the chaos, the Shadow Assassins and their two guides separate from Prince Erik to make their own journey across the sea to the Isle Dark. They are following ancient lore about the Dark Witch Liliana, to see if she is the mysterious being who attacked them as they landed in the Second Realm – and to see if she is the dark force behind King Emeralde’s madness.

As strong as the bonds are between the Shadow Assassins, even they feel the strain of their travel upon them. Crossing into the Isle Dark is not an easy journey, with the opponents in their path. Loyalties are questioned and declared. The Shadow Assassins must stand tall, even as the Dark Witch Liliana’s influence spreads further and threatens to undo the very bonds that their friendship holds dear.

The book will be available soon in print and ebook, through the same shops that Shadow Assassins is available on.