Shadow Assassin Characters

Curious about the Shadow Assassin characters and their roles? Meet them here. Spoiler free!

Within the First Realm

The Shadow Assassins

Kaleb McKenna – One of the two self-appointed leaders of the Shadow Assassins, Kaleb possesses the ability to shape shift into various animals. His preferred land animal is a Bengal tiger and preferred flying animal is the peregrine falcon. He harbors a love of animals and with the more he knows about each animal, the more accurate his transformations can be. In the perfect transformation, he has all of the animal’s senses and instincts.

Evangeline Audratha – The other half of the self-appointed leaders of the Shadow Assassins, Evangeline is a rare hybrid of angel and demon. She relies heavily on her demonic heritage for strength. Her “demon” form has one black angel wing and one demon wing, red eyes and claw-like hands. Despite her attempts at holding it back, her demonic nature holds a certain strength over her and this form can manifest with her easy to anger demeanor.

Marco Martinez – The man with a million jokes, Marco is a telekinetic. His specialty deals with manipulating objects with his mind, including severing their bonds at a molecular level to alter or break an object. He has minor powers over living creatures, but cannot control their minds. At most, he can render them unconscious for a bit.

Kaydee DuPont – The self appointed healer of the group, Kaydee is quiet and dislikes violence. She is an elemental mage that controls the element of earth. This means she can influence plants to grow, make the earth and rocks rise up and move at her will, to an extent.

Dr. Edward Fyrn – Dr. Fyrn is the brains of the Shadow Assassins operation, training and observing his team and noting their strengths. An ordinary human, he possesses no magical powers and would not even know about the magic that exists around him if he had not found Evangeline when she was young. He owns Fyrn Manor and allows the Shadow Assassins to live there and use the home as a base of operations.

Within the Second Realm

Dirk Calden – Vampire and a teacher at the Moonriver Academy for the Supernaturally Gifted, Dirk seeks the help of the Shadow Assassins and brings them back to the Second Realm. He is thought of as attractive by many of the female students, but he prefers instructing to indulging any of them, except for Dante, whom he has invested interest in as a sort of fatherly figure.

Dante Audratha – Dante is an outsider at Moonriver Academy due to her hybrid half-angel/half-demon nature. Rebellious by nature, she is prone to sneaking out at night to combat the rouge Emeralde knights as they rampage through innocent villages. Quick to anger, she will not hesitate to let her demon side out to play.

Dimitri & Moonshadow – Immortal and familiar, respectively. Dimitri is Dante’s friend, although he doesn’t quite share her reckless bravery. Moonshadow is his familiar and constant companion, concerned about guiding Dimitri through their adventures safely.

Kikkaho – Leader of the civilian community in the Kkyathi werecat tribe, Kikkaho is calm and friendly, the perfect diplomat in training, to take over one part of her father’s job when he is gone.

Kirrah – Kikkaho’s half-sister and the leader of the warriors in the Kkyathi werecat tribe. Kirrah is fierce and ready for battle, her quick anger only soothed by her beloved Kamu.

Kamu – The lone survivor of the now-extinct Chokerre werefox tribe, Kamu dedicates herself to helping the Kkyathi. She does not transform into her feral form as often as Kirrah does.

Camira Caleo – A runaway elf from the Oraldine elf territory, Camira is promised to wed the brave warrior D’jerik…but she cannot stand his boorish ways.

D’jerik – Leader of the warriors of the Oraldine elf colony, D’jerik is the ideal warrior, if not somewhat unfriendly. In tradition to the Oraldine rules, he does not trust humans.

His Royal Highness, Prince Erik Emeralde – Erik does not support his father’s actions, but can do nothing as his father’s soldiers attack and arrest magical creatures. He hopes to understand his father and to change his mind.

Atrimalous – A man with many secrets and not many words to spare, Atrimalous keeps to himself on Siiati, only pestered by “the annoying ice mage Leta.” He prefers the sword to conversation.

Leta Gerard – The ice mage that constantly annoys Atrimalous, Leta is upbeat in contrast to his moodiness. She seems to be the only mage in Siiati that can tolerate his behavior.