Warning: this may contain spoilers for those who have not read Shadow Assassins

The locations in the Second Ream and especially in Shadow Assassins were not clearly defined upon its original first edition release. In the revised first addition, which will be available shortly, there is an included map. Here, the map will be explained further.

Locations in the Second Realm
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Here are the two continents, Aurialis and the Isle Dark.

Aurialis was thought to be the land mass settled first when the Second Realm was created, while the Isle Dark was used as a sort of dumping ground for criminals, scum and other people unwanted by society. The two continents are separated by the Dark Sea, which is only interrupted by one island.

For now, locations mentioned in Shadow Assassins will be mentioned. This will be updated again after Warpath is out and more land is defined. This was also first reference in the back of Shadow Assassins, in the glossary.

Locations in the Second Realm


Most of the conflict within Shadow Assassins takes place on the northern half of the continent. The Emeralde Kingdom is in constant conflict with the Kkyathian werecats, the Oraldine eves and the magical school, Moonriver Academy for the Supernaturally Gifted.

Moonriver Academy for the Supernaturally Gifted: This school is where the Shadow Assassins were meant to land, when they entered the Second Realm. It is a magical school for all supernaturally gifted (magical) creatures. In addition to a general education, students learn about their race’s magical abilities and receive training. The students live in on-campus dormitories and live in a mix of Immortals, vampires, werecreatures, mages and others. Tolerance of their fellow magical creature is emphasized.

The Emeralde Kingdom: This kingdom of humans is bordered along the lands of other magical species. At one time, this kingdom boasted may powerful human mages, but in recent years, the current king has been growing more paranoid about magic and sees it as an evil thing. The people in this kingdom are taught to suppress their magical ability and are never taught how to use their powers properly.

Kkyathi territory: Home to the Kkyathi werecat tribe, this land stretches through dense forests and several sources of water. The werecats prefer to keep the land as natural as possible and live off of the land, tearing down only what they need and hunting wildlife only as needed.

The Oraldine Forest: Home to the Oraldine elves, this forest contains large, ancient trees that the elves have made into their homes. Living in nature, the elves have created great networks of roads within the trees. The Oraldine Forest also contains the Citadel, a tower that stands as a sacred relic. It is thought to be the home of the original mages that created the Second Realm.

Feynid Forest: Consisting of mostly tangled, uninhabitable wilderness, the Feynid Forest is reserved as a way to house the faeries that live in its depths. Faeries were herded into this land, where they remain in a territory large enough to suit their needs and far enough away from other locations to where potential victims won’t accidentally wander into this dark territory. It is rumored that anyone who ventures into these woods seldom make it out alive.

Other lands not traveled in Shadow Assassins

El Flora: Mentioned only briefly in Shadow Assassins, El Flora has a larger role in Warpath. This neutral city is thought to be the largest colony of the now nearly-extinct Immortals.

Aeriad Mountains/the Aeriad Nation territory: Mentioned briefly in Warpath, the Aeriad Mountains is a part of the Aeriad Nation, a territory of dragon riders. Dragons are incredibly rare in Aurialis and are most prominently found here and on the island of Draghaniea.

Crystal Falls territory: Also mentioned briefly in Warpath, this secluded territory may hold more werecreatures within its forest. Whether they are friend or foe and who they are loyal to is unknown.

The Isle Dark

Siiati: Known as the “Sea Witch Colony,” this village on the Isle Dark sits at the coast next to a perpetually angry sea, the result of the enchanted waters meant to keep the residents from travelling to Aurialis. This village is also Leta’s hometown and where Atrimalous was found to be living.

Govoya: A coastal desert city on the Isle Dark. While the city has been a major hub for traders, in recent years the most valuable commodity has been captive magic users, sold and forced into the locally called Death Games. This ruthless arena is what gives Govoya its real infamy, where the citizens of the city pay money to watch prisoners fight to the death.

Wastelands: The desert outside of Govoya, this is where Kaydee was introduced to Leta and Atrimalous. A harsh desert wasteland, this area is notorious for bandits that wait until the cool cover of night can hide their raids on any parties unfortunate enough to be in their desert territories.

Ice Dragon Mountains: A mountain chain rumored to have dragons inhabiting it, although these rumors are largely unconfirmed, although this is where James the Exiled and his dragon Night Spark make their home.

Other lands not traveled in Shadow Assassins

Bloodthorne Forest: A dark, twisted forest seen more in Warpath.

Demon Lands: Also seen in Warpath, this land is inhospitable and rumored to have demons living in it.

Liliana’s Mountain: More land seen in Warpath, this mountain may house a deadly inhabitant.

Other lands

Haa’nati Islands: This island chain is outside of Aurialis, but still considered within the continent’s territory. Not much is known about it.

Draghaniea: Seen in Warpath, this island is inhabited by dragons.