Interested in upcoming projects for the Second Realm? Not everything will be given away here, but catch a brief glimpse at forthcoming projects in the Second Realm Trilogy and universe.

The Second Realm Trilogy

Liliana – the third book in the Second Realm Trilogy
This book follows where Warpath ends and concludes the trilogy. The first draft has been finished and it is in the editing process.

Short Stories

  • Dragonsoul

In Progress

Hunter/Hunted (revamped from this free excerpt) – Title expected to change
Outlined up to chapter nine. Working title to change in the future.

Goddessmancer (may expand to a trilogy, may keep as one book depending on planning)
World building, character designing and plotting.


Speculated titles for ideas. Please note that these titles are more than likely working titles or titles of the original idea, and they may change at any time.

  • Mage Slave
  • Dragon Tamer
  • Immortality (working title)

Last updated 7/8/2015